Trivandrum Bible College
A Project of New Life Ministries
Our Vision And Mission


Purpose and Philosophy

The Trivandrum Bible College is established to glorify God and train born again, committed young people from a conservative biblical position so that they will be able to be fine pastors, missionaries and Christian educators who will lead a Christ like life and win people for the Lord Jesus Christ the only Saviour of the world. We also make sure that the students enjoy equal freedom and fellowship here without the barrier of any race, class or nationality.

Aims and Objectives

With the vision and burden of carrying out the great commission of Jesus Christ, at a time such as this, when the coming of Christ is imminent, Trivandrum Bible College is committed to train and equip faithful and godly people. And the following characteristics portray the aims and objectives
The Graduates of TBC must be able to:-

  1. To have a general and good comprehension of the Word of God in its entirety; able to handle biblical, theological, doctrinal matters without doubt; think theologically, teach and preach the inerrant Word of God with a deep conviction and without confusion.

  2. To have a strong burden to carry out the Gospel to the remote areas where the name of Christ is not heard (Rom. 15:20), and be good church planters.

  3. To be good expository preachers who are able to understand and meet the spiritual needs of their people.

  4. To be Pauline Pastors, able to shepherd the flock of Jesus Christ, unreservedly.

  5. To face the challenges of life, being exposed to the pains, problems and oppositions.

  6. To defend strongly the fundamentals of God’s Word and faith in this present world where varieties of strange and false teachings and doctrines prevail.

  7. To be godly men, reflecting holiness in daily life, unblamable in his dealings and relationship with others; able to care, love the church and serve God faithfully with Christian maturity and total commitment.