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New Life Ministries (NLM) is a non-denominational faith missionary organization established in Manipur in 1979 with a vision to Reach the Un reached. It is a registered society with the Head Office at Churachandpur, Manipur. Our AIMS AND OBJECTIVES are:

  1. Reaching the unreached in rural and tribal areas with the Good News of of Jesus Christ and uplift them spiritually and materially.

  2. To take up child care Project and help orphans and widows.

  3. To train young people for Christian leadership and help them involve in mission.

  4. To train young people for Christian leadership and help them involve

  5. To establish Schools, College and Theological colleges and impart education.

  6. To mobilize people for missionary works and social concern.

  7. To get involved in spiritual renewal ministry through Camps, Seminars, Missionary Conferences, and New Life campaigns through evangelistic crusades.

Over the years, God has blessed this venture of faith and enabled it to work in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, among the Nepalis of Manipur and North East India; among the Shiddis in Karnataka and in several other parts of India. Today there are over 135 staff under New Life Ministries which includes missionaries, pastors, evangelists, teachers and other office bearers.

Currently, NLM is working in Nepal, Assam, Arunachal, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Manipur, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. Besides this, more than 600 children are now being cared for at Gilgal Children Homes in Manipur, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Trivandrum Bible College (TBC) was inaugurated on 28th January 1989, as another project of NLM. About 408 young men and women graduated so far and they are in Mission fields of different states of India. TBC accomodates about 30 girls and 70 boys from all over India every year. We offer 2 years of Diploma, 3 years of Bachelors and 2-3 years of Master’s courses. The college provides half /full scholarship to deserving candidates.



1. By praying for various projects.

2. By sending regular support of any amount or supporting one or more missionary/Bible Student/Orphan.

3. By encouraging your church to send missionaries to unevangelised areas through NLM.

4. By inviting our team or any Evangelist for Missionary conference, Crusades, Camps & Seminars.

5. By contributing any amount for building such as Church, Orphanage, School & Bible College.

6. By donating books to our library /by funding towards library expansion.

7. Kindly send your contributions favouring New Life Ministries or Trivandrum Bible College

For further information contact:
The Principal
Trivandrum Bible College
Kerala - 695 588
Email ID: principaltbc@gmail.com
Phone: 09446174897


The Executive Director
New Life Ministries
Trivandrum Bible College
Powdikonam P. O
Kerala - 695 588
Email ID: pkgeorgek5@gmail.com

TBC E-mail ID: tbc.official.i.d@gmail.com

Phone: 09446101243