Trivandrum Bible College
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We Belive......



We believe that both the Old and New Testament with 66 books are the embodiment of the Divine Revelation and a verbally and plenary (fully) inspired Word of God. It is the infallible Word of God and inerrant in the original manuscripts and is the only supreme and final authority of our faith and life (Ps 19: 7; 2 Tim 3: 16; 2 Pet 1: 21). While there are several applications of any given passage the only true interpretation of scripture is literal grammatical, historical and contextual method of interpretation. It is through this method, by the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, the true meaning of scripture can be found (Jn 7: 17; 16: 12-15; 1 Cor 2: 7-15).


We believe that there is only one true and living God existing in three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit- each a distinct person but all of one substance or essence, and all having the same nature, perfections and attributes and each one is worthy of precisely the same worship, confidence and obedience (Gen 1: 25; Jer 10: 10; Mat 3: 16-17; 28: 19).


We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, the only begotten of the father born of Virgin Mary in the fullness of time. The person of incarnate Christ includes the undiminished deity and the perfect humanity and therefore he is impeccable (Mat 1: 18-20; Jn 1: 1, 2, 14). Through His vicarious and substitutionary death on the cross, he redeemed us from sins. He was buried and His resurrection from the dead gives us assurance of our salvation, and His present High Priestly ministry sanctifies and sustains us in our Christian life (Jn 10: 15; Rom 3: 24, 25; 1 Pet 2: 24; Heb 7: 25; 9: 24).


We believe that the Holy Spirit is a divine person with all the attributes of personality and deity. He is one of the three persons of the trinity, coequal, coexistent and co substantial with the Father and the Son. (Mat 28: 19; Acts 5: 3; 1 Cor 12: 4-6).

We believe that the unique work of the Holy Spirit began in this age on the Day of Pentecost. And the ministries of the Holy Spirit includes convicting the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgment (Jn 16: 7-11); the regeneration of all who believes, baptizing all believers in to the body of Christ (1 Cor 12: 13). The Holy Sprit also indwells, sanctifies, instructs, empowers the believers for service, and seals them unto the day of redemption (Rom 8: 9-11; 2 Cor 3: 6; Eph 1: 13; 4: 30).


We believe that man was created by God in His own image and likeness. He was created free of sin and was a rational being. But because of Adam’s sin he lost his innocence, and he incurred the penalty of spiritual and physical death. He is now totally depraved of any goodness or ability to please God for his salvation, but has to fully depend on the divine grace (Jn 3: 23; 6: 23).

We believe that all men were in Adam and thus the corrupt nature of Adam has been transmitted to the entire human race. All men are therefore, sinners by nature, by choice and by divine declaration. Man’s salvation is wholly by the Grace of God through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ our Lord. (Rom 3: 9-18; 5: 10-12).


We believe that each and every human being is a sinner by birth and nature and under the punishment of God which is eternal separation from God in hell. Yet, every one who personally believes on the substituitionary death of Christ will be saved from the eternal punishment of sin. This salvation is the salvation a person get from the punishment for sin that he got from Adam through generation.


We believe that salvation is wholly by the Grace of God through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, and not on the basis of any merit of man. It is a gift of God and man can receive it through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Eph 2: 8-10; 1 Pet 1: 18, 19).

We believe in the security of salvation, that all those whom God elected for His salvation are kept by God’s power and are secure in Christ forever (Jn 5: 24; 10: 27-30; Rom 8: 1; Eph 4: 30;Jn 10: 27-30). We believe that every believer is sanctified positionally through justification and has a standing before God. He also is being sanctified progressively in order that the believer will grow more in holiness, more to be like Christ. He will be glorified when Christ comes at the Rapture (Jn 17: 17; Heb 10: 10; 1 Cor 1: 2; 2 Cor 3: 18; 1 Thes 5: 23).


We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ was formed on the day of Pentecost and it is the body of Christ and the bride of Christ. Every person who is regenerated is immediately placed into the body of Christ, the church. The church is distinct from Israel, a mystery not revealed until this age (Acts 2: 1-21, 42-47; Mat 16: 16-18; 1 Cor 12: 12-17; Eph 3: 1-6; 5:3 2). The church age will come to an end with the coming of Christ for His Church at the Rapture (1 Thes 4: 13-18; 1 Cor 15: 51-52).

We believe that the New Testament clearly defines and teaches about the establishment and the ministry of the local church, which consists of born again, baptized believers. The local church is autonomous and is to be governed independently without the interference of any external authority or control (Mat 28: 16-20; Acts 14: 23, 27; 20: 17, 28; 1 Tim 3:15; Phil 1:1).

We believe that the believers are to associate themselves in a local assembly for worship, service and fellowship. And it is imperative for the local church to carry out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ in reaching the unreached, evangelizing and planting churches in other places (Mat.28:19,20; Act.1:8)

We believe that two ordinances are given to the church – Baptism and Lord’s Supper. We believe that all who have accepted Christ as their Saviour and Lord should be baptized by immersion, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Lord’s Supper is observed in remembrance and proclamation of Christ’s death for our sins, until He comes again (Mat 26: 26-30; 28: 19,20; Rom 6: 3-6; 1 Cor 11: 23-26).


We believe that holy angels are created being and therefore are not to be worshiped. They are created to serve God and to worship Him (Lk 2: 9-14; Heb 1: 6 ,7, 14; Rev 5: 11-14).

We also believe that Satan was originally created as a perfect being. But he became the enemy of God by rebelling against his creator. He is the author of sin. He will eternally be punished in the lake of fire at the end (Isa 14: 13-14; Ezek 28: 13-17; Rev 20: 10).


We believe in the physical and literal return of the Lord Jesus Christ in the mid air to translate His church from this earth (Pre-tribulational rapture). After that there will be a seven-year period of Tribulation upon the earth culmination of which will be the Second advent of Christ in the power and glory with His saints to the earth (Pre-millennial), to establish the promised Messianic Kingdom for a thousand years (1 Thes 4: 13-18; 1 Cor 15: 51-53; Dan 9: 27; 12: 1, 2; 2 Thes 2: 7-12; Rev 19: 11-16).

This millennial reign of Christ will be characterized by perfect righteousness, justice, and peace, and during this period Satan will be bound. At the end of this period Satan will be loosed, and he will gather the nations to battle against the saints and against the Lord. But Satan and his army will be devoured by fire from heaven and will be thrown into the lake of fire for ever. (Isa 11; 65: 17-25; Rev 20: 1-7).

At the end of the millennium, the unbelievers from the beginning of the world will be resurrected physically and will be judged at the white throne and will be cast into the lake of fire forever (Mat 25: 41; Rev 20: 11-15).

We believe that all the righteous saints of God will be in the eternal conscious blessedness with God in Heaven whereas all the unrighteous will be in the eternal conscious punishment in the hell (Rev 21, 22; Rev 20: 11-15).