Trivandrum Bible College
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Alumini Dip.Th & B.Th

From the first time of graduation in 1993 onwards about 550 young men and women graduated so far and they are in Mission fields of different states of India and outside India. They work as pioneer workers, church planters, pastors, teachers, organization heads, charitable workers, Bible Translaters etc. This page specially dedicated to these dear ones working different parts of the world.

Those who have graduated from TBC please give us your information about your ministry with picures(if there is family give family picture) and addresses with phone numbers and email ID, we would be glad to publish it

Antony Stanley, Tamil Nadu (B. Th. 1998) Missionary in Imphal North East India
Dipu A, Kerala (B. Th. 2002), Working in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Cheri Lotha (B. Th.) Wokha Dimapur
Margaret John, (B. Th. 2006), West Bengal Bangalore
Rajesh Joshi Kerala (B. Th 2002)
Suresh M, A, Kerala (B. Th. 2002)
Lalramsang Hmar, Churachandpur, Manipur (B. Th. 2003), Lives in New Delhi
Joe Sanghmingthang Hmar Khawbung, (B. Th. 2006) Churachandpur, Manipur
Jenny Bag (B. Th. 2009), Tezpur, Assam
Esther, Manipur, (B. Th. 2002), Pune, Maharashtra
Ngulsang Meren, Nagaland (B. Th. 1999), Damsel (B. Th. 2002)
Vinu V. T. (B. Th. 2005) and Jessy (B. Th. 2005), Missionaries in Deoria UP
John V Huolngo, (B. Th. 2008) Churachandpur, Manipur,
Ghaikhandim, Tamenglong, Manipur (B. Th. 2006) Bangalore
Anil Kumar, Andhra Pradesh(B. Th.)
Blessy K. Abraham, Kerala (B. Th. 2000), Working in Ranni, Kerala
Bukul Daimari, Assam (B. Th. 2000) Working in Gwangju, South Korea
Binoy T. K., Kerala (B. Th. 1994), Higher studies Dallas Theological Seminary
Tej Kumar Awajung (B. Th. 2000), Translating the Bible into his language, Kathmandu, Nepal
Jacob P. Mathew, Kerala (B. Th. 1994), Kuwait City
Diploma in Theology and Bachelor of Theology
Lissy Abilash, Kerala (B. Th. 1995), Working in South India Baptist Bible College, Coimbatore
Madhumaya Nayak, Orissa (B. Th.2001) Jamshedpur (Tata Nagar)
John Adam David Kerala (B. Th. 2002), Instructor at Kerala Baptist Bible College & Seminary
Lyju P.Cherian Cochin, Kerala (B. Th. 2001)
Rajalakshmi (Naomi Raajee), Tamil Nadu (B. Th. 2005), Dubai
Makka Atwal (B. Th. 2007) Pastoral Ministries, Nawashahr, Punjab,
Sharon Yeptho, Nagaland (B. Th. 2010), Dimapur
Krupadanam, Andhra Pradesh, (B. Th. 2006)
Mukumu Deb Barma, Tripura (B. Th. 2009)
Rajesh Babu, RajahmundryAndhra Pradesh(B. Th. 2010), working as a Teacher in the Bible and Pastoring a church
James Alexander and Reena, Kerla (B. Th.), Ministry at Gundalpet, Karnataka

Binoy P. George, Kerala (B.Th. 2001) Church planting ministries in Khandwa M. P. Noth India