Trivandrum Bible College
A Project of New Life Ministries
Accreditation Graduation



The B. Th. and M. Div. degrees offered at TBC are accredited by Asia Theological Association (ATA) Bangalore, which is an accrediting body, stands for coordinating the Evangelical Theological Education in Asia. Academic recognition is a continual process and the administration, faculty and staff of TBC have a commitment to provide the highest quality standards of education without compromising to the prevailing philosophies of Christianity and denominational opinions.

To help the students to continue their education in Bible who would like to do really the ministry of God after their studies, we also provide unaccredited degrees when they are unable to meet the requirements of ATA's admission manual . The unaccredited courses would be B. Min, M. Min., MBS etc.



When it comes to job placement, career advancement, or acceptance to higher studies, TBC graduates have been accepted in every position in Christian ministries all over India and abroad, and presently serve as: Pastors, Christian Counselors, School Administrators, School Principals, School Teachers, Church Administrators and Leaders, Missionaries, Evangelists, Bible College Teachers, Conference Speakers, Youth Leaders, Women Leaders etc.


  1. Academic Awards: This is given to those who score the highest and the second highest marks in each class in the whole academic year.

  2. Character Award: This is given to one girl and one boy among the graduating students as evaluated by the faculty as the best persons in their character and conduct during their entire course.

  3. Preacher’s Award: This is given in memory of late C. V. Baby who was the Secretary Administration of NLM. This is given to one person in the Bachelors Course and one in the Master’s course among the outgoing students for their best performance in the exposition of God’s Word

  4. Ministry Award: This is given to one person among the outgoing classes for his best performance in the out reach ministry during his entire course.

  5. Best Theologian of the Year: This award is sponsored by Mr. V. Mathew Eldo, the Vice Principal to the candidate who score the highest percentage of marks in Theological Subjects.